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Definition: A part-time faculty member is one whose appointment is any percentage of assignment that is less than 100 percent time.
  1. A part-time faculty appointment dependent upon class enrollment or other contingency will receive payment of 10 percent of the total contract amount as compensation for preparation if the class is not held.
  2. Part-time faculty who assume duties later than the first scheduled class day of the semester [changed from quarter] will be paid on a prorated basis. They will also receive 10 percent of the prorated salary in recognition of time spent in preparation.
  3. Part-time faculty will receive letters of appointment in advance of the effective date of appointment, if possible.
  4. Compensation for part-time faculty will be determined for each school by the Dean in consultation with the Provost and Vice Chancellor.
  5. As need dictates, part-time faculty may be offered an appointment extending over the academic year.
  6. Part-time faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching for two or more academic years will be given preference as to future employment. At the end of the academic year, and upon request of the part-time faculty member, the department chair, after consultation with the Dean, will share available information regarding future employment.
  7. Part-time faculty will keep office hours as specified by the chair of the department and will inform students of the telephone number(s) at which they may be reached or at which messages will be received.
  8. The supervision of part-time faculty, including the provision of instructional support services, is the responsibility of the department chair.
  9. At the conclusion of an appointment, part-time faculty members will be evaluated by the department chair. Such evaluations will be in written form. A copy of the evaluation will be given to the faculty member and a copy kept on file.
  10. Part-time faculty will be assigned office space as appropriate to carry out their academic responsibilities during a term of appointment. Such office space need not be assigned exclusively. Personal belongings (books, records, etc.) are to be removed from the assigned space upon termination of the appointment.
  11. During the term of appointment, part-time faculty will enjoy library privileges, the use of faculty parking facilities, and the use of other University facilities in accordance with University practice and policy governing such use by faculty appointees.
  12. Part-time faculty will have access to Faculty Grievance Procedures.
  13. Each department employing part-time faculty will make good faith efforts to integrate them into departmental activities consonant with their contractual rights and responsibilities.
  14. Each part-time faculty member will receive, upon request to the department chair, a copy of the University Personnel Policies.
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