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II. Eligibility for Faculty Tenure

  1. Tenure may be granted only to persons holding the faculty rank of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor.
  2. Tenure may be granted only to persons who hold full-time continuing appointments. (See section IV.B.)
  3. Tenure may be granted only to persons holding rank in a tenure-granting unit. Tenure shall by held in the academic unit from which the recommendation for tenure originates, except as stipulated in sections II.D., III.C., V., and XIII.
  4. A faculty member who holds a full-time continuing joint appointment of equal assigned time in two academic units may achieve tenure in both academic units. If one of the units refuses to recommend tenure upon expiration of the probationary period and renders due notice, tenure shall not be awarded unless the faculty member is given full-time employment in the academic unit that desires to recommend tenure.
In other full-time continuing joint appointments, tenure may be achieved only in the unit in which an appointment greater than 50 percent is held. That unit must then be prepared to absorb the remainder of that faculty member's appointment if the faculty member relinquishes, or if the faculty member is asked to relinquish, the appointment that is less than 50 percent.
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