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Textbook Rental

Administrative Guidelines for Textbook Service for Undergraduates - 1P1

  1. Provision of Textbooks

    1. Textbook Service will furnish the basic texts which are designated by the academic units for each undergraduate course and provided for through the student rental fees. The basic text is generally considered to be one book with a three-year use adoption period. However, where appropriate (changing technology, etc.), deviations and exceptions may be arranged with Textbook Service per the textbook adoption policy.

    2. Lovejoy Library will maintain on reserve at least one copy of supplemental textbooks ONLY at the professor's request. This provides an option to the student to either purchase or to use reserve materials. In certain courses, the Library may need to review the implementation of this policy with the individual instructor.

    3. Schools or colleges and departments are assigned the responsibility to insure planning and liaison with the Library, Textbook Service, and the University Bookstore to insure that instructional materials are requested with sufficient lead time and costs receive the consideration required.

  2. Closed Class Card Policy

    1. A departmental representative will notify Textbook Service as soon as possible via a designated form when there are sections of courses in which closed class cards are given out and additional textbooks are needed.

    2. Upon notification, Textbook Service will then secure the necessary books as soon as it is feasible.

Approved by Chancellor effective 4/28/08
This policy was issued on May 5, 2008, replacing the July 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1P1
Origin: AAT 90, OP 11/5/90; OP 8/2/95; CC 14-95/96; OC 4/28/08

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