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Graduate School: Procedures for Course and Program Changes - 1L9

Forms 90a, b, and c--Forms to add, drop, and modify courses. To Form 90a, attach a syllabus showing objectives, textbooks and references, outline of course content, and evaluation. To Form 90c, attach clear description of modification. (Requires final action by the Provost)

Form 91--Addition or deletion of a free standing option or a specialization within a degree program. For additions, attach analysis on Graduate School New and Expanded Program Requests and, if available, Forms 90. Applications for free standing options must indicate acceptance as an elective in one or more degree programs. (Requires final action by the Chancellor and is forwarded as information to the IBHE)

Form 92--Request for new academic degree program. Attach analysis on Graduate School New and Expanded Program Requests. (Requires final action by the IBHE)


  1. Request for change in the name of an existing unit that denotes a substantive change requires approval by the IBHE. Request for name change that denotes a reasonable and moderate extension requires approval by the Chancellor with information to the IBHE. All other minor changes within existing programs require institutional approval only.

  2. Abstracts for proposed doctoral programs must be sent to the IBHE one year prior to submission of Form 92.

  3. The following definitions have been standardized by the IBHE:
Degree: a degree represents a level of accumulated knowledge associated with a field of study. The five degree levels are associate, bachelors, masters, specialist, and doctorate.

Program Major: the program major refers to a particular body of knowledge appearing with the degree to make up the degree title on a student's transcript or a commencement program. The program major prescribes a set of courses and other requirements that a student must complete to be conferred a degree in this field.

Area of Specialization: the area of specialization includes all options, areas of emphasis, concentrations, occupational orientations, or other similar designation of an area of study within a major or broader field of knowledge which may appear in the campus catalog, a student's transcript, or other campus college or departmental documents and is located in the same administrative unit as the major. To appear on the transcript or in the catalog, the specialization must have official approval at the appropriate level of organization.

Approved by Chancellor effective 6/1/76
This policy was issued on April 3,2000, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1L9
Origin: AAT 95; OP 11/5/90

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