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The Million Man March In The Redmond Collection

The Million Man March, October 16, 1995 (continued)

Men of all ages and walks of life joined together for the Million Man March. The March participants were business owners, skilled tradesmen and unskilled workers, professionals and paraprofessionals (Nelson 245-246).

In this photograph, a dreadlocked young man stands on a concrete pedestal and displays a banner with the poignant warning: "America love us or perish." Organizers asked women not to attend the March, but some women showed up anyway. A woman in a suit jacket bending her head to examine a flyer can be seen at the right edge of the photo; another woman sits at the base of the concrete pedestal.

Eugene Redmond, age 57, with rapper M.C. Hammer, age 33.

Two young men perched on a post, holding a sign that reads "Build jobs, not jails!!"

An older man in a wheelchair, wearing a suit and hat, holding a flyer.

Young and old attending the March.

Some men came to the March in groups, like the Black Catholic Men Summit pictured at left. The group's signs depict three generations of men.

Although it was designed for the unification of black men, some white men were evident at the March. The man with the camera in this photograph may be a journalist, and/or he may be attending in support of the goals of the March.

Marchers at the Capitol building and along the reflection pool.

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