Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March

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African American men from across the United States marched to Washington on October 16, 1995, as a demonstration of unity. A digital exhibition of materials from the Eugene B. Redmond Collection at Lovejoy Library, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, tells about the March and the book Visible Glory: The Million Man March.

The exhibition is accompanied by a digital collection of the complete set of 907 photographs in the Redmond Collection about the Million Man March and related events.

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Million Man March Photos

Did you or someone you know participate in the Million Man March?

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Photos of Pre-March Rallies

Did you/someone you know attend the pre-March rally in East St. Louis on October 15, 1995?
Can you identify the two people here with Wyvetter Younge, or others at the ESL rally?

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Or did you/someone you know attend the pre-March rally at the SIUE Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house the same day?
Who is the man reading from the paper? The woman? Do you know any of the young men standing in line?

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Photos of the Plane Trip to Washington, D.C.

Can you identify St. Louis-area Million Man March partipants in these pictures of a St. Louis-Washington TWA flight?

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Second Anniversary Photos

On October 4, 1997, Louis Farrakhan visited St. Louis and gave an address at the Regal Riverfront Hotel.
Can you identify these two men sitting next to Jim Buford at the October 4th Regal Riverfront address, or others in the audience?

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Or maybe you attended the 2nd anniversary celebration under the St. Louis Arch?

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