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What is SFX?

SFX allows you to get access to articles and journals you're looking for. When you're searching in a database, button saying "SFX" or "Get Full Text" may appear. Click through, and you'll have some choices for getting the article you want.

When the article is available in electronic form, SFX provides a link to the article itself or the database where the article can be found. When the library doesn't have the item in electronic form, SFX offers a library catalog search in print or microform formats. If the article is not available at SIUE, you can use the ILLIAD form to request a copy from another library.

You can also use SFX here to see if the library has the journal you're looking for.

Why is full text not always available?

The full text option appears only when the library owns that item. We don't subscribe to all titles, and not all titles are available online.

When full text is available, why don't I always go straight to the article?

SFX takes you as close as it can to the actual article. Sometimes, the journal or database won't let us link to a specific article, so SFX drops you off at the table of contents or the home page. From either place, you can navigate to the article you want.

Why is there more than one option for full text?

Occasionally a journal is available in more than one database to which the library subscribes, so we link to both. If one of these services is temporarily down while you are working, try another.

What if one of the links in SFX isn't working?

Let us know! You're probably not the only one having a problem. The SFX menu will have an option that says "Report a Problem. Did a link fail?" Go ahead and use that to send us a message. You can also report the problem or ask for help through Ask A Librarian.

Why don't I see SFX buttons in the database I'm searching?

Not all databases have the capability to use SFX. In these cases, you may need to search SFX manually here. Additionally, you may have JavaScript disabled in your browser. If it's turned off, the SFX button will not appear. Re-enable JavaScript and everything should be fine.

Can I use SFX from home?

Yes. Most resources will bring up the SIUE proxy screen and ask you to log in though. That screen will give you all the directions you need.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Use Ask A Librarian to get some help.

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