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Searching SPORT Discus

Before You Begin
Developing Your Search
Doing Your Search
Finding Results at Lovejoy Library and Beyond

Before You Begin

What's in SPORT Discus?

SPORT Discus is an international database produced by the Sport Information Resource Center. The database provides international indexing of over 2,000 journals, magazines, theses, and conference proceedings. SPORT Discus contains bibliographic references to published information on sports medicine, exercise physiology, biomechanics, training techniques, recreation, facilities and other related subjects. This database is not full text.

How do I get into SPORT Discus?

Go to the Lovejoy Library Online Information page here
Go to Journal and Newspaper Databases, go to Education, go to SPORT Discus.

Developing Your Search

When searching for articles in SPORT Discus, you might be tempted to turn to this database, plug in your search terms, and take the first likely-looking article you run across. However, that is neither a thoughtful nor a critical way to do research.

First things first…

You have a research question of some sort. Write that down on paper. For example, "I want to find out how keeping fit benefits elderly people." Break that question into major concepts, in this case, fitness, elderly people and benefits.

Next things next…

SPORT Discuss uses a Thesaurus to index articles. You need to find out if your major concepts match up with their search terms. Click on the Thesaurus button on the right side of the screen. Type in your concept ("elderly") and click Go to Subject. This reveals that SPORT Discus uses the term "aged" for "elderly." Mark the box next to this term and enter Search Checked Subjects. Repeat this procedure for each concept.

Doing Your Search

SPORT Discus will save your concept searches. Click on the Searches button on the side of the screen. The search term will appear with the number of hits highlighted. Click on the box beside each term. You can combine these searches by clicking on the Combine Checked button on the right side of the screen.

What if my search term isn't in the thesaurus?

Return to the search screen. Click on the Words Anywhere button at the top of the search box. Type in your search term. Look over the list of citations and abstracts. When you find one that looks relevant, scroll down to the bottom until you see the initials DE: There will be a list of thesaurus terms. You can use these to further your search.

What if I get too many hits?

You can limit your results. Click on the Set Other Limits button underneath the search box. You can limit your search by language, publication year, document type and other variables. You can redo your search with these new limits by typing in the search number (e.g. #1, #2, #3) in the search box.

Finding Results at Lovejoy Library and Beyond

Marking and printing records

As you scroll through the list of citations and abstracts click on the box next to each record that looks promising. When you're done, click on the Show Marked Records button on the right side of the screen. Click on the print icon at the top of the screen.

Finding articles

After you have a list of citations, you'll want to find out which journals are in Lovejoy Library and whether they're in print or microfiche.
Go to the Library Catalogs page here
You can search the online catalog using Telnet or a Web browser.

Full text online

Lovejoy Library subscribes to a number of databases that include some full text journal articles. You can search these databases with a single effort. Go to the Journal and Newspapers Databases page here

Type in the journal title in the search box at the bottom. A grid will appear with the full text coverage dates on the right side. Check the dates of your citations against the full text coverage dates. Click on the hot blue link and type in the journal title. Open up the Keyword box and click on source. Enter the author's name in the second box and click on author.

What if the journal I need isn't in the library or available online?

You can request a copy of the article you need from another library. An online form for this request is available here
Paper request forms are also available in the library. Average turn around time for an Interlibrary Loan request is 10 days to 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, comments, or need further assistance, please feel free to contact the subject librarian.

Matthew Paris
Education Librarian
(618) 650-2906

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