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Audio | Video & Media Conversions

Duplication Service will copy CDs, DVDs, and photos of non-copyrighted work. Production Services provide one copy of media. Any additional copies must be provided by the requestor. Most jobs can be completed within 2-3 business days. Please contact the Production Services at 650-5500 email for completion time for larger orders. Larger orders will take a minimum or 7 - 10 business days. Copyright permission for non-original work is the responsibility of the requesting faculty, staff or student and must be in written or digital form. Copyright permission must be received in Production Services before work can begin. All work must be classroom or SIUE related. Please, no personal work!

-- Audio Duplication

CD Duplication

Copy CD, & cassettes of non-copyrighted work. ITS will provide 1 CD for each request. The requesting faculty must supply media for any additional copies. All work must be classroom or SIUE related. Please, no personal work!

All audio copying must abide by copyright laws and is the responsibility of the requesting faculty or staff to provide the copyright permission in writing before any work can begin.

Music Faculty

Music faculty CLICK HERE for information for streaming audio.


-- Video and Media Conversions

Control Room

Duplicating DVD, VHS, Hi8, Mini DV, Mini DVD, 8mm of non-copyrighted work is available.

Duplicating copyrighted video must abide by copyright laws. Short portions can be copied without copyright permission. See guidelines for details.

Foreign video formats (PAL, SECAM) can be converted to NTSC video and/or Region 1 DVDs. Production Services can provide only one copy of a Standards Conversion. If the foreign video format is available for purchase in NTSC video or Region 1 DVD, Production Services can not copy the video.



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