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Key Facts on Industrial Engineering at SIUE

We strongly recommend you to check out these key facts on Industrial Engineering at SIUE. Read more

A company found by 3 IE graduates won the first Gigabit challenge business plan competition

A 3-D printer company, Squarefruit, founded by three recent IE graduates, Chico Weber, Gizem, and Bharath Kishore in May 2013, has been named the winner of the city of Highland’s first-ever Highland Gigabit Challenge business plan competition. In December 2014, Squarefruit Labs of St. Louis was announced as the winning entry. In addition to winning a $15,000 cash prize, the high-tech startup will receive more than $15,000 of in-kind professional services, including free office space in Highland, accounting, legal and marketing and branding services. Squarefruit will also receive one year of a Gigabit internet connection through Highland Communication services at no charge. Read more

Industrial Engineering, Most-in-Demand Eng Jobs: Article on Forbes

The U.S. has approximately 1.6 million engineering jobs that pay $42 per hour in median wages. Civil engineers account for the most jobs of any engineering field (274,000 in 2014), followed closely by mechanical engineers (264,000) and industrial engineers (229,000). Two of the fastest-growing engineering fields also staff two of the largest proportions of older workers: industrial engineers and petroleum engineers. In both, 25% of currently employed workers are 55 years or older. Industrial engineers are vital to many manufacturing firms that struggle to find the right technically oriented talent, so the aging workforce is a threat. ... the pool of skilled talent nationally isn’t keeping up with employer demand. The best example of this is industrial engineers, an occupation with three times more unique monthly postings (24,740) than average monthly hires (7,737) since the start of 2012. ...Read more

IE Welcomes its new Faculty Member, Dr. Sinan Onal

Dr. Sinan Onal is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. He received his Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from University of South Florida. His current research focuses on medical image processing and its applications, medical product development, machine learning and data mining, and manufacturing and R&D strategy. His works have appeared in scholarly journals such as...Read more

IE to Participate in $320 Million Digital Lab Project

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville administrators are enthused about the institution’s role in the $320 million Digital Lab for Manufacturing announced Tuesday by President Barack Obama. SIUE’s principal investigator will be Sohyung Cho, associate professor of industrial engineering in the School of Engineering to investigate advanced manufacturing systems that are agile and flexible with maximized visibility for information and product flow.

How happy are Industrial Engineers?

IE is ranked the ninth in general happiness and the only engineering discipline among top 12 occupations. (“Job Satisfaction in US” by NORC at University of Chicago 2007) Read more

Hot, High-Paying Career Sectors

Manufacturing Engineer - $73,900 After Five Years Experience. Manufacturing engineers may work with commercial and industrial designers to increase production, decrease costs and refine a product's design and may also look into solutions on how manufacturers can edge out the competition.

MS In Industrial Engineering

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program has the following concentration areas; Systems optimization, Manufacturing engineering design, Enterprise and production control, Quality engineering. The program is now accepting applications.

SIUE and ITU Joint Program

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Istanbul Technical University have a joint-degree program in Industrial Engineering. This Program is first of its kind both in United States and Turkey

Southwest Illinois Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Southwest Illinois Advanced Manufacturing (SIAM) Center was formed in July, 2001, and has produced an impact valued at more than $100 million on the regional economy. SIAM performs research and workforce development activities to assist technical enterprises across the United States.

SIAM/N.O. Nelson Research and Education Facility

In June, 2003, SIUE and Lewis & Clark Community College reached an agreement for the joint establishment of a 12,000 square foot Research and Education Facility to be housed in Edwardsville's historic N.O. Nelson Center. The State of Illinois has committed more than $16 million to the renovation of this seven acre complex with the final phase nearing completion. At present, the SIAM Center equipment is being installed.



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