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                        Tape #   Side                   Running Time on Tape                   Subject

                                  1  a                                       015-127                             Biographical; Birth, Parents, Siblings, early life

                                  1  a                                       128-159                             Earliest musical experience- teacher in school; piano lessons

                                  1  a                                       160-190                             High school - East St. Louis Lincoln; trumpet - 6 months then

                                                                                                                          trombone; first lessons

                                  1  a                                       191-209

                                  1  a                                       210-375                             Band leader- Harold Pickett, first band job; personnel; jitney

                                                                                                                         dancing, 1923; tunes played; pay

                                  1  a                                       376-444                             Artisan's Hall, Collinsville, listening to Charlie Creath

                                  1  a                                       445-506                             University of Illinois; band audition, no blacks in band

                                  1  a                                       507-534                             Joined band in Champaign; played dances frats and sororities

                                  1  a                                       535-566                             Aluminum Ore Co.; father has stroke; stayed home from school

                                  1  a                                       567-601                             Joined "Bill' Polk's Band; Galesburg, 1927

                                  1  a                                       602-623                             Postal clerk exam, St. Louis

                                  1  a                                       624-724                             Playing with Cecil Scott Orchestra, St. Louis; personnel; dance

                                                                                                                          halls, Phythian Hall; hours

                                  1  a                                       725-740                             Dewey Jackson Band, 1930; personnel

                                  1  b                                       004-083                             Jackson personnel cont'd; arrangements

                                  1  b                                       084-118                             Where Jackson played, different halls

                                  1  b                                       119-139                             Jackson as leader

                                  1  b                                       140-201                             Playing on riverboat "St. Paul"; pay

                                  1  b                                       202-212                             Marriage

                                  1  b                                       213-299                             1931-34; riverboat "J.R." Marable and Jackson join

                                  1  b                                       300-336                             Towns played along Mississippi River

                                  1  b                                       337-363                             Dewey leaves band to join church

                                  1  b                                       364-442                             Creath and Marable have band; personnel; New Orleans

                                  1  b                                       443-539                             Lunceford Orchestra; leave from Post Office; personnel; leaves

                                                                                                                         band after two months

                                  1  b                                       540-550                             Back to post office and Marable

                                  1  b                                       550-556                             Noise on tape

                                  1  b                                       557-573                             Mississippi River trips; towns boat stopped in

                                  1  b                                       574-617                             New Orleans; jam sessions, Pelican Hall, musicians

                                  1  b                                       618-664                             Job on boat, pay, living arrangements, food, hours

                                  1  b                                       665-667                             Marable, personality, style

                                  1  b                                       668-692                             New Orleans musicians, Armstrong

                                  1  b                                       693-718                             Marable, Tab Smith; quits band, back to post office

                                  1  b                                       719-740                             Union merger, suspension of Local 44 Charter

                                  2  a                                       004-150                             Union problems cont'd, Castle Ballroom, pay scale, hard

                                                                                                                         feelings, Lige Shaw-President

                                  2  a                                       151-243                             Louie Armstrong plays with Jackson Band

                                  2  a                                       244-253                             Don Redman band in St. Louis

                                  2  a                                       254-271                             Types of brass mutes

                                  2  a                                       272-308                             Fletcher Henderson in St. Louis, early 1930's

                                  2  a                                       309-325                             Joe Smith, trumpet player

                                  2  a                                       326-359                             Other bands traveling through St. Louis, McKinney's


                                  2  a                                       360-378                             Post office, full time, working nights, quit Marable's band

                                  2  a                                       379-464                             1950, goes on days, George Hudson band; personnel; changes

                                                                                                                         in music and styles

                                  2  a                                       465-490                             Vocalists with Hudson, Dinah Washington; Hudson as leader

                                  2  a                                       491-520                             Leaves Hudson, rejoins Jackson, DeBalivere "Strip"; clubs

                                  2  a                                       521-549                             Joe Smith Band at Windemere; personnel

                                  2  a                                       550-599                             Playing on the "Strip"; second marriage; "The Barrel Club";

                                                                                                                         music - Dixieland

                                  2  a                                       600-630                             Boats, style of music, Foxtrots - bounce; Captain Joe

                                  2  a                                       631-664                             Marable's Bands, popular tunes, Tab Smith arranger

                                  2  a                                       665-700                             Best bands - Lunceford, Dewey Jackson, best rhythm section

                                  2  a                                       701-720                             Lunceford Band arrangements, Willie Smith, Joe Thomas

                                  2  a                                       721-738                             De Balivere, East St. Louis jobs

                                  2  b                                       009-056                             With Dewey Jackson in East St. Louis

                                  2  b                                       057-142                             Jackson going to church choir, sideman

                                  2  b                                       143-266                             Gaslight Square, Singleton Palmer, personnel, Thigpen, Shaw

                                  2  b                                       267-284                             Opera House, Gaslight Square

                                  2  b                                       285-321                             Eddie Johnson's Band, 1958, before Palmer; personnel

                                  2  b                                       322-427                             Palmer's band, drinking on the job

                                  2  b                                       428-452                             Other bands in Gaslight; demise of Gaslight Square

                                  2  b                                       453-488                             Recording with Palmer; arrangements

                                  2  b                                       489-499                             Norman Mason

                                  2  b                                       500-529                             Left Gaslight 1969; surgery, other jobs

                                  2  b                                       530-641                             First job with Havens and Mississippi Mudcats; 1971-72;

                                                                                                                         personnel; where band played

                                  2  b                                       642-664                             Milwaukee trip

                                  2  b                                       667-687                             Recording with Mudcats

                                  2  b                                       688-740                             Musicians who impressed or influenced King


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