Oral History and Research Materials:  Eddie Johnson


        This is the table of contents for the interview of Eddie Johnson.  It is part of the National Ragtime and Jazz Archive which is located in

        Lovejoy Library at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

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                        Tape #   Side                   Running Time on Tape                   Subject

                                  1  a                                       007-021                             Introduction

                                  1  a                                       022-064                             Biographical; Family; Musical Background

                                  1  a                                       065-086                             First paying job; High School

                                  1  a                                       087-106                             Oliver Cobb Band; Crackerjacks

                                  1  a                                       107-183                             Graystone Ballroom; personnel of early Crackerjacks Band

                                  1  a                                       184-198                             Second Crackerjacks Band

                                  1  a                                       199-257                             Music in St. Louis; Club Plantation; pay; arrangements; tunes;


                                  1  a                                       258-300                             Lloyd Smith; Singleton Palmer- switch to string bass; Erskine

                                                                                                                       Tate tour; business & promotion

                                  1  a                                       301-329                             Racial problems

                                  1  a                                       330-350                             Touring with band

                                  1  a                                       351-379                             Locating reading musicians- requirements; business education

                                  1  a                                       380-469                             Traveling; cutting contests

                                  1  a                                       470-484                             Eddie Randle

                                  1  a                                       485-516                             Appearance, uniforms, dress, discipline

                                  1  a                                       517-535                             Other bands in St. Louis

                                  1  a                                       536-565                             "New" Crackerjacks- personnel, rehearsals

                                  1  a                                       566-590                             Today's music vs. "old days" music; teaching piano

                                  1  a                                       591-616                             Recording company

                                  1  a                                       617-663                             Music today; piano players- Fats Waller- Cincinnati

                                  1  a                                       664-689                             Styles of Piano- stride

                                  1  a                                       690-699                             Art Tatum's "sister"

                                  1  a                                       700-735                             Stops traveling; family, children

                                  1  b                                       005-076                             Last traveling band - personnel

                                  1  b                                       077-160                             Club Plantation Orchestra - personnel

                                  1  b                                       161-220                             Location of musicians today - Plantation

                                  1  b                                       221-255                             Plantation job

                                  1  b                                       256-263                             Graystone Ballroom

                                  1  b                                       264-298                             Shows at Plantation

                                  1  b                                       299-424                             Recording sessions; Oliver Cobb - Chicago

                                  1  b                                       425-458                             Own recording company; Music today

                                  1  b                                       459-474                             Leading band while playing piano

                                  1  b                                       475-498                             Musicians unions; black and white

                                  1  b                                       499-535                             Musicians getting a start with Johnson

                                  1  b                                       536-673                             Looking at scrapbook - Not transcribed

                                  1  b                                       674-691                             Oliver Cobb Band Cobb as leader

                                  1  b                                       692-715                             Places Crackerjacks worked: split into two Crackerjacks

                                  1  b                                       716-738                             Conclusion


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