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Susan D. Wiediger
Associate Professor
Chemistry Department.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

To find me:
  Office: SL 2308A
Phone: 618-650-3088
FAX: 618-650-3556
Mail: Chemistry Department, Box 1652
  Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  Edwardsville, IL 62026-1652
Courses Taught:     more detail about courses
  CHEM 121a&b: Gen. Chem.
CHEM 125a&b: Gen. Chem. Lab.
CHEM 494: Methods of Teaching Chem.
in the Secondary School
CHEM 499: Senior Assignment
SCI 241a: Foundations of Science
SCI 451: Integrated Science
independent study and research courses including
CHEM 296, 396, 496, & 596 as well as SCI 489
any online material for courses is maintained in BlackBoard.
Research Interests:
  Pattern Languages & Safety Instruction
Periodic Trends & Data Analysis (C.L.I.P.)
Topic Maps
Curriculum Development & Independent Projects
Useful Links:
Chemistry Resources

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