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CHEM 121a&b: General Chemistry

Chemistry for majors and non-majors who will be taking more science courses (e.g. pre-professional).

CHEM 125a&b: General Chemistry Laboratory

Lab courses associated with CHEM 121a&b. Focus on both content and techniques.

CHEM 296: Introduction to Problem Solving, also used as Peer-Lead Team Leader (PLTL) Workshop Course

CHEM 121a in Fall semesters and CHEM 121b in Spring Semesters have PLTL Workshops as part of the course. These sessions are led by undergraduates who have prior experience with the course and participate in weekly meetings in which they give feedback to the instructors and receive training in teaching techniques and group management skills as well as review content.

CHEM 494: Methods of Teaching Chemistry in the Secondary School

A methods course for pre-service science (chemistry and other physical sciences) teachers.

CHEM 499: Senior Assignment

The capstone course for Chemistry majors. Requires public presentation of research and focuses on preparation for post-graduation incl. resumes, interview skills, etc.

SCI 241a: Foundations of Science: Chemistry, Physics, and Design Projects

Team-taught between physics and chemistry, SCI 241a is science content in a lab setting for pre-service elementary education majors. This course is a pre-requisite for SCI 241b: Foundations of Science: Biology, Earth Science and Inquiry Projects. In Spring 2007, these courses replaced SCI 241 (numbered SCI 341 prior to Spring 2006).

SCI 451: Integrated Science

Team-taught between two science departments, SCI 451 is required for all pre-service secondary education science majors. The topic(s) of the course are updated regularly to reflect current topics in science. The course also addresses issues such as debating/discussion skills, community/school activities, and conducting/presenting research.

Other independent study courses (CHEM 296, 396, 496, 596, SCI 489)

These courses vary as widely as the students talking them. See my research pages for more information.

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