BIOL 480: Animal Behavior

The animal behavior course examines the neurological and endocrinological bases of behavior, and the evolutionary and ecological consequences of behavior, in a wide variety of animal species. During the lecture portion of the course, we will supplement lecture presentations with case studies in ethology, with a particular focus on experimental design and quantitative analyses. In addition, there will be application of theoretical modelling to behavioral questions from both evolutionary and ecological points of view. Finally, we will address application of some ethological principles to human behavior.
In the laboratory, there will be a variety of planned lab exercises that all students will contribute to and complete. In addition, students will work in smaller groups to complete a longer term behavioral project that they will design, execute and analyze. Results from these projects will be presented in an oral symposium format, with each student helping to present the results of their group's project, as well as a term paper that each individual student writes.
An animal behavior course is good preparation for students interested in veterinary medicine, natural resource management, general animal biology, and psychology.

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