Dr. Paul E. Brunkow: Teaching / Mentoring Activities

I have taught many different kinds of courses, both at Arizona State Unversity and here at SIUE, ranging from introductory, non-majors courses to introductory and upper-division majors courses to graduate seminars. The links below will guide you to information about some of the courses I've taught here at SIUE, providing an overview of the course, a downloadable syllabus, and description of some of the activities in the course.

My upper-division courses generally carry BIOL 120, 121, and 220 as pre-requisites; however, most also allow "permission of the instructor" in exceptional cases. I encourage students who are interested in topics covered in my courses to contact me directly to discuss preparation and expectations.
BIOL 485/585: Ichthyology - The Biology of Fishes

BIOL 480: Animal Behavior

BIOL 120: Animal Systems

BIOL 417: Biostatistics (aka "Quantitative Methods in the Biological Sciences")

BIOL 466: Terrestrial Ecosystems

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