Solar System Web Quest



     Star Fleet Central Space Station is facing a disastrous situation. The space station has been receiving messages that some of the fleets probes are in danger and could be lost forever.

      Mission control is putting together a special team of astronauts to attempt rescue missions. You have been selected as an astronaut to join the Star Fleet rescue team in carrying out this very important mission.

     Before leaving you must learn as much as you can about the planets in our solar system, so that you may locate four lost probes. You will be joining a crew of astronauts to gather information about one of the planets in our solar system. When your crew becomes a planet expert, you will present what you have learned to the other Star Fleet rescue team crewmembers, so that they may share your knowledge.

     All Star Fleet astronauts will be expected to use the knowledge you have gained about all of the planets to rescue the four probes that are lost in the solar system.

     Star Fleet is expecting you to perform to your usual standards of excellence!


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