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1.  Mission Control (your teacher) will contact your with your planet and crew (3 students) assignment.

2.  Print out each of the Data Collection Sheets and the astronauts individual Data Collection Sheet Rubric.

3.  Decide which data sheet each crew member will be responsible for completing. After reading the data collection sheet rubrics, discuss how your work will be evaluated.

4.  You are now ready to begin your data collection.
 To begin your research click on the Resources button on the menu bar.

5.  Select a Web Site link under "Sites to help you complete your task".
(Some of the sites have levels of reading difficulty listed.  Choose the level you feel most comfortable using.)
Be sure to use "Solar System Terms" sites to help you understand new vocabulary.

6.  Read the information on the site and record your findings (in your own words) on your data collection sheet.   

7.  Be sure to save interesting pictures in your file folder that will help you share information about your planet during your planet presentation.

8.  Hold a crew conference to be share your findings and plan your presentation. Be sure to read the presentation guidelines carefully.

9. Present your planet to the Star Fleet crewmembers and Mission Control.

10. Hand in your data collection sheets and a copy of your presentation for evaluation.


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