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Sites to help you complete your task!

Astronomy for Kids

Star Child Solar System Level 1

Star Child Solar System Level 2

Enchanted Learning:Astronomy

Windows to the Universe (beginner)

Windows to the Universe (intermediate)

Windows to the Universe (advanced)

Find out about how your planet has been explored by technology.

Guide to Online Schools: Astronomy

A Guide to Outer Space Surveillance (Link provided by Pedro)

(New link provided by Lauren in Mrs. Kelley's Class)


Pictures of the Planets

NASA's Photo Journal (click on your planet)

Astronomy 3-D Stereoscopic Gallery


Solar System Terms

Zooms Astronomy Dictionary

Star Child Solar System Glossary


Find Your Weight on Other Planets

How much do you weigh on other planets?


Out of this World
Web Site
 (Visit this site when you are through with your investigation.)

Virtual Tour of the Universe


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