Text Box: Dr. Michael J. Shaw
Text Box: Professor of Chemistry, SIUE

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Shaw’s Home Page

You’ve found my SIUE home page… Congratulations, or condolences, depending on whether or not it is what you were looking for.  The site should be pretty self-explanatory.

If you’re a student, you might wonder, “Why do so many faculty web pages focus on research, teaching and service?”

The brief answer is that research, teaching, and service are the responsibility (i.e. job requirements) to be a faculty member.

You might also wonder “Why should faculty do all this other stuff?  They are supposed to teach students, not fritter away their time on other things!”

The teaching is very important.  In fact, the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences expects faculty members to spend most (i.e. 50-60%) of their time teaching.

The research and service components of a faculty member’s professional life are also important.  Speaking just for me, research serves several roles which support the teaching mission:

(1) It keeps me current, so I am able to teach topics of current importance to my students.
(2) It keeps me in touch, so I can provide guidance to my students about other graduate schools and programs.
(3) It allows me to seek funding, which provides opportunities for my students to learn about modern research methods, and prepares them for further study or for a job in industry.

Service also supports teaching.  In my own case, I have served on many committees, as a Faculty Senator, and as Chair of the Chemistry Department.  My goal has been to provide input into the campus governance system so as to improve the environment for teaching and therefore benefit students.  I hope I have been successful, but time will tell.  Such activities are not always apparent to students, since they are supposed to happen behind the scenes.

Anyway, enjoy the site, and feel free to contact me with questions.

Disclaimer:  All the photos an figures on this site are from my own files. All opinions are my own and not necessarily representative of SIUE.