Office Hours

Generally, I am available MWF 10:00-10:50 in my office, unless I am called away for meetings, or I happen to be guest-lecturing (it happens sometimes). 


Individuals who wish to speak to me outside of office hours should make an appointment first by e-mail.  I have many meetings, and time scheduled with students in the teaching and research labs, so waiting outside my office will often be frustrating.  If I know you’re coming, I can make sure I’m in my office for you at a mutually agreeable time


Time and location for office hours are occasionally subject to change.  You can also check with the Chemistry secretary in SLW 3105 as to whether I am available.

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Please check with me for current hours

Office is  SLW 3195

Text Box: Dr. Michael J. Shaw
Text Box: Professor of Chemistry, SIUE