My Pup Tuck

pup tuckTucker entered the world on April 8th, 2014! He is a Goldendoodle. If you couldn't already guess which two breeds that is, it's a Golden Retreiver and a Poodle mixed. He is a wopping 10 weeks old and definitely showing his age right now. I pretty much have him potty trained, but the whole biting fingers because he thinks they are food/toys needs some work. I think I say the word "no" and "no bite" literally 500 times a day. I have already taught him some tricks which inclue: sit, shake, high-five, and lay down. The roll over is a work in progress right now. My boy eats like..well a growing puppy. The expected weight of Tucker is around 65 lbs. He's got the paws to prove it!

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