Goldendoodles are a mix between two very smart breeds. The 2 breeds are Golden Retreiver and a Poodle. A lot of people typically choose this breed of dog because it has a nice coat but doesn't shed like the normal dog. That's why adding the poodle (who doesn't shed) to a golden retreiver (who does shed) makes it a great mix. It's perfect if you are wanting a curly haired larger type of dog. The hair is easy to groom, might I add. The curly hair is what did me in. :)

The average weight of a goldendoodles is 45-70 lbs. There are usually different sizes of this dog which are medium and large, or there are miniture goldendoodles also! The taller goldendoodles usually have more golden retreiver in them as opposed to the poodle. There is often a bump on the top of goldendoodles heads that they call the "golden retreiver bump." (this just means they are smart!)

Because both these breeds are extremely intellegent, this makes the goldendoodle easy to train. These dogs are very human-oriented and tend to bond and build strong relationships with their owners. They have great personalities and are calm and easy going, but they also need a lot of exercise because they are also active dogs. The goldendoodles is usually very good with children and can sense when the child is harmless so they tend to just lick them a lot.

The health of goldendoodles is known as one of the healthier dogs out there. They don't have many problems. The only thing an owner should really pay attention to is ear infections. Because the goldendoodle has the golden retreiver ears, they hang down and don't have a lot of room for drainage from water or anything else that might be trapped inside the ear. Find out how to treat an ear infection for your pup here.