Dr. Jeremy Jewell

Quick Parenting Tips

This website is designed specifically for you. After working with families in the community, I began to realize that there were some common problems that many parents faced when dealing with their children. While some children have problems with 'acting out', other kids may lack social skills and have difficulty making friends. Another very common problem with kids is homework time, so I've devoted a page to helping kids with homework as well. This website is organized by particular areas of advice that are listed to the right. The advice on these webpages has either been supported by the cited research, or comes from my own knowledge and experience. I hope that these pages are useful to you. Remember that if your child has serious or ongoing problems, contact your school psychologist or other mental health service provider.

Jeremy Jewell, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Certified School Psychologist
Areas of Advice from Dr. Jeremy Jewell to Parents
Defiant Children
Children with ADHD
Socially Withdrawn Children
How to Improve your Relationship with your Child
Homework Hints