Dr. Jeremy Jewell

Clinical Child and School Psychology Lab

Recent Clinical Lab Research
Mission Statement
Jewell, J. D., Brown, D., Smith, G., & Thompson, R.
(2010). Examining the influence of caregiver ethnicity on youth placed in out of home care: Ethnicity matters for some. Children and Youth Services Review,
32, 1278-1284.

The mission of the clinical child and school psychology research laboratory is to improve the academic, emotional, and behavioral functioning of the children and adolescents by:

         Contributing new knowledge regarding various topics in clinical child and school psychology to the academic community in the form of original research.

        Critically reviewing current knowledge in the fields of clinical child and adolescent psychology as well as school psychology.

        Involving undergraduate and graduate students in the research process in order to provide a service to the community as well as assist in the training of these students as future psychologists.