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 Since the world was created, loads of people have had multiple dreams or accomplishments that they wanted to achieve in life. One of the more popular goals was most likely to hit somebody as  hard as you could. Those dreams were finally fulfilled in 1869 when a rugby game was transformed into the game of football. Then, the rules were changed in the 1880s, and the game of  “American Football” was born. In 1892, the National Football League stepped into the spotlight to begin its journey towards greatness. This league has gone through multiple chapters over the  years and has become an American weekend tradition on a weekly basis for fans, players, and coaches. Even though it isn’t 100% known as this, some fans view this sport as “America’s Pastime”  just like the MLB.

Commissioner: Roger Goodell

The NFL Teams

 San Francisco 49ers                Chicago Bears                 Cincinnati Bengals                 Buffalo Bills                      Denver Broncos                 Cleveland Browns

 Tampa Bay Buccaneers           Arizona Cardinals           San Diego Chargers                Kansas City Chiefs           Indianapolis Colts              Dallas Cowboys

 Miami Dolphins                      Philadelphia Eagles         Atlanta Falcons                      New York Giants               Jacksonville Jaguars           New York Jets

 Detroit Lions                          Green Bay Packers          Carolina Panthers                   New England Patriots        Oakland Raiders                 Los Angeles Rams

 Baltimore Ravens                   Washington Redskins     New Orleans Saints                 Seattle Seahawks               Pittsburgh Steelers             Houston Texans

                                                                                               Tennessee Titans                    Minnesota Vikings

The Super Bowl: The Championship Of The American Pigskin

 Valentine's Day is supposed to be viewed as February's only federal holiday. Unfortunately for Cupid, he's had company since 1967. The Super Bowl is viewed as "America's Event" for many  different reasons. The two best teams in the NFL go head-to-head in front of the whole nation, new commercials are released during timeouts, a killer halftime show is performed by a          best-selling artist or group, and there is endless supplies of food at Super Bowl tailgates and parties everywhere. In February 2016, the NFL celebrated 50 years of the Super Bowl's legacy.


 The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL's first Super Bowl championship in 1967. They were lead by coaching legend Vince Lombardi (far left) who has the  championship trophy named after him today (middle left). Fans tune into the Super Bowl for many reasons. One of them is to watch the halftime show, which is performed by a    best-selling artist or band. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Band perfomed one of the more memorable halftime shows at Super Bowl 43 in Tampa, Florida in 2009 (middle right).  Winning the Super Bowl can sometimes feel like heaven for a moment. Malcolm Smith of the Seattle Seahawks takes a moment to bask in the franchise's first ever championship in  Super Bowl 48 (far right). He would then take home the MVP award of the big game, which has been given out since the tradition got underway.

Super Bowl Memories

                        Super Bowl V (5)                                                   Super Bowl XIII (13)                                           Super Bowl XVI (16)                                               Super Bowl XXV (25)
                       Super Bowl XXXII (32)                                            Super Bowl XXXIV (34)                                     Super Bowl XXXVIII (38)                                           Super Bowl XLII (42)
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