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Aldemaro Romero Jr. is the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona, Spain, and his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Miami, Florida. He has published more than 700 pieces including 16 books, and hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and articles in non-peer-reviewed publications. His academic interests range from environmental and evolutionary biology to history and philosophy of science and science communication. He has also been involved in art productions. He was been awarded numerous grants and prizes for his research, teaching, and science communication work.

His experience in academia includes, but is not limited to, Director and Associate Professor of the Environmental Studies Program at Macalester College, MN (1998-2003), Chair and Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences at Arkansas State University (2003-2009), and Dean and Professor of the College of Arts and Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (2009-present).

He has played an active role in fostering the need for promoting the value of a liberal arts and science education through the Council of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) in which he is the Chair of the Committee on Liberal Arts Institutions and as an active participant of the International Council of the Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD). He has developed a great number of outreach programs that include, but are not limited to, use of traditional media as well as the emerging electronic, social ones. He has also produced/directed/written/hosted hundreds of TV and radio shows while writing hundreds of non-academic pieces in the form of regular newspaper columns and magazine articles. He is embarked in these initiatives even today. These efforts have been awarded with a number of accolades in several countries.

As an administrator he has successfully led efforts in fundraising, sustainability programs, and diversification and internationalization of faculty, students, and staff.

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