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Applied Communication Studies

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Welcome to the Applied Communication Studies Skill Center!


The ACS Skill Center goes beyond public speaking assistance for class assignment preparation, and includes advance planning for these communication-related topics:  

  • how to present at a conference 
  • how to improve public speaking skills and all things encircling public speaking such as topic selection, outlines, presentational aids, and delivery
  • how to manage speaking anxiety
  • how to defend your senior thesis or capstone course project
  • how to present report findings by faculty and student researchers 
  • how to promote for your upcoming broadcast appearance such as guest appearances on podcasts
  • how to look better on camera
  • how to create or enhance social media content and presence
  • how to work effectively in a group 
  • how to address conflict
  • how to present polished, professional, clear, and effective emails or texts or other digital conversations
  • how to confront others about performance issues, interpersonal issues
  • how to improve conversational skills during interviews, negotiations, and health issues
  • how to have a difficult conversation
  • how to be a better listener
  • how to resolve interpersonal conflict 
  • how to deal with difficult people
  • how to advocate for your own needs
  • how to set limits and boundaries
  • how to speak courageously
  • how to have a healthy conversation around race, gender, and equity

Enhancing your skills around these topics will go beyond the class assignment preparation to help you:

  • increase student achievement outside academia
  • enhance your work relationships
  • strengthen your interpersonal relationships
  • build and maintain close relationships and intimacy
  • reduce the risk of feeling uncomfortable causing procrastination
  • become engaging
  • make a difference


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Location: 3rd floor of Alumni Hall, Room 3101

We’re always looking for talented people with a heart to help!
If you’re interested in becoming a Skill Center Coach, send an email with a resume over to

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