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Interdisciplinary Studies


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Women's Studies




English 101

English 102

English 111: Introduction to Literature

English 204: Studies in Fiction

English 208 001: British Literature, 700-1700

English 303:  Literary Masterpieces of Antiquity and the Middle Ages

English 307:  Introduction to Shakespeare

English 310: Classical Mythology and Its Influence 

English 404: Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales

English 478: Women, Language and Literature from Antiquity through the Middle Ages

English 505: Chaucer in Context

English 572:  Teaching Writing With Computers



Greek 101/499a:  Introduction to Classical Greek

Greek 499c:  Readings in Ancient Greek:  Herodotus, Thucydides, Homer

Interdisciplinary Studies 352: Women in the Ancient World

Latin 101/499a:  Introduction to Latin

Latin 102:  Introduction to Latin

Latin 201:  Readings in Latin Prose

Latin 202: Final Exam


Travel Study:  The Ancient World