Greek 202:  Readings in Greek:  Advanced Grammar; New Testament
Spring 2003  Wednesdays 3-6

Professor Nancy Ruff
Peck 2224, x3649
Office Hours:  T 2-3; F 11-1 and by appointment

Description:  Greek 202 allows students with an intermediate knowledge of Greek grammar to expand that knowledge and to read selections from the Greek New Testament.

Objective:  To learn advanced grammar, new vocabulary, and the Koine form of Greek in addition to the Attic.  To read The New Testament in the original Greek.

Texts:  Athenaze, Book II
            Smythe, Greek Reference Grammar
            Handout:  Selections from The New Testament


Complete all grammar and translation assignments, take quizzes and oral examinations several times during the semester, spend 100 minutes a week on language lab assignments.


Weeks 1-6

Athenaze Chapters 22-24

Weeks 7-12

Athenaze Chapters 25-27

Weeks 13-16

Selections from The New Testament