Greek 101/499a
Fall 2008

Peck 2406

MW 4:30-5:45



In the Agora, Athens, Greece



Professor Nancy Ruff

Office:  Peck Hall 2224; 650-3649

Office Hours:  M 3:15-4:15 and by appt.

Objective        Requirements        Text        Grading        Attendance        Schedule

Objective:  The goal of this course is to introduce students to ancient Greek language (Attic Greek) and culture.




You will be required to

Text:   Balme, Maurice and Gilbert Lawall. Athenaze, Book 1.  Oxford University Press, 2003 .



Attendance:  Attendance in class is vital to mastering the language.  Absence will negatively affect a student's grade.



Students should master the material in the section indicated for each day and complete assigned written exercises by the time the class meets.   Mastery includes memorization of forms, understanding of grammar, and memorization of vocabulary.  There will be regular quizzes, sometimes unannounced.


Week 1

8/25   Introduction to the course.  The Alphabet and Punctuation (viii-xi)
8/27   Chapter 1

Week 2

9/1    Labor Day; University closed.
9/3    Chapter 2a

Week 3
9/8   Quiz on Chapters 1-2.. Chapter 3a
9/10   Chapter 3b


Week 4

9/15    Chapter 4a
9/17    Chapter 4b; Review for Unit Test #1

Week 5

9/22    Unit Test #1
9/24    Chapter 5a

Week 6

9/29   Chapter 5a
10/1    Chapter 5b

Week 7

10/6    Chapter 5b
10/8    Chapter 6a.


Week 8

10/13   Verb Translation Quiz; Chapter 6b

10/15    Prepare for quiz on all nouns and adjectives learned so far.  In class:  quiz and discussion of Chapter 7a 


Week 9

10/20    Chapter  7a
10/22    Chapter  7a 

Week 10

10/27    Chapter  7b
10/29    Chapter  8a 

Week 11

11/3   Review for Unit Test 2:  Chapters 1-8a.
11/5   Unit Test 2

Week 12

11/10   Chapter  8b
11/12    Chapter  9a

Week 13

11/17       Chapter 9a
11/19        Chapter 9b 


Week 14

11/24 - 11-30  Thanksgiving Holiday.


Week 15

12/01  Chapter  10a
12/03  Chapter   10b 

Week 16

12/10    Review for final
12/12    Review for final


Monday, December 15, 2008: 4:30-6:10 PM  Final Exam

Note:  This syllabus is subject to change at any time at the instructor's discretion.  Changes will be announced in class as well as posted in Blackboard.




Learning on the areopagus