Student Projects

Past Projects

Nicholas Hatcher - fractional quantum Hall effect

William Hall (UALR) REU-FOM/SIUE 2002

Jerry Morgan - fractional quantum Hall effect

Danielle Castens - Effects of una corda pedal in a grand piano

Adam Wuller - fractional quantum Hall effect

Nate Reindle - fractional quantum Hall effect

Thomas Duncan, Heather Lynch, Andrew Martin, Scott Miller - building a portable computer cluster

Current Projects

Lance Spinnie - parallelizing the Mercury6 code for the portable computer cluster. Also see Lance's blog

Future Projects

Computational Physics Projects

Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

a brief pictoral introduction to the Hall effects

Here is a brief summary of where our work stood in approximately Fall 2007. Since then, we (Nate and I) have reworked the underlying mathematics using a different approach which is giving us a matrix with a slightly different, and more intuitively satisfactory, structure. The computational code needs to be rewritten - probably to run on the new machine we (Matt, Dan, Mike, Tyler, and I) are currently building.

Hypergeometric Functions

hypergeometric functions

Black Hole Fly-By

Dr. Gay came by one evening and asked an interesting question: What would happen if a small black hole grazed the outer edges of our solar system? I've been using Mercury6 code to find out. So far, not much. In current calculations, the black hole is moving so slowly that this project is also a candidate for a code rewrite and transportation to the new machine.

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