Online Portfolio

Major: Television/Radio

Minor: Theater & Dance

College experience:

I came to SIUe in 2011 with the original thought to become a Nurse. Three months into my first semester I knew that Nursing as a major was not for me. Though I was very unhappy I finished out my freshman year as a Nursing major, but in February of 2012 I went to my advisor and said I wanted to switch my major to Mass Communications. That day she went over everything that needed to happen so I wouldn't have to add a whole year to my college career. When next fall came around I started school with a smile on my face because I knew I was on the right path.

Background Info:

I'm from Joliet, Illinois. I am the third oldest of 8 children. I am the second to go to college, but I'll be the first to graduate out of my family. You could say they are all very excited.

When I am behind a camera it makes me feel powerful because I can create my own story. I become the puppetmaster for what's on my screen. I advocate for originality, to be yourself is a brave thing because everyone else is steady trying to be someone else. I have big dreams for myself and I plan to fulfill them all.