Curriculum Developed

ECE 340: Electromagnetics

Vector analysis, time-harmonic fields, Maxwell equations, electromagnetic wave propagation, transmission lines, waveguides, antennas.

ECE 341: Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Basic electromagnetic concepts, energy-based torque and force and calculations, transformers, induction machines, synchronous machines, DC machines

ECE 365: Introduction to Control Systems

Feedback control systems analysis and applications, signal flow graphs, state variable approach, modeling, root-locus, Bode plots and steady state errors, Nyquist plots

ECE 441: Finite Element Analysis and Design of Electric Machines 

Introduction to finite element (FE) analysis as applied to linear and static electromagnetic field problems. Review of basic field formulations using Maxwell's electromagnetic field equations, solution of boundary value problems using the finite difference methods, FE formulations, assembly of elemental and global matrices, pre-processing, post-processing. Application of the FE method using one-dimensional and two-dimensional elements, magnetostatic and electrostatic analysis, and the use of ANSYS and MATLAB for electrical machines design.

ECE 445: Power Distribution

Distribution system planning, load characteristics, application of distribution transformers, design of distribution system, voltage-drop and power-loss calculations, voltage regulation, protection and reliability

ECE 446: Power System Design and Analysis

Synchronous machines, power Transformers, transmission lines, system modeling, load-flow study, economic operation of power systems, symmetrical components, symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults, power system stability

ECE 465: Control System Design

Root-locus analysis; frequency-response analysis; design and compensation technique; describing-function analysis of nonlinear control systems; analysis and design by state-space methods.

ECE 466: Digital Control

Finite difference equations, z-transforms, state variable representation, analysis and synthesis of linear sampled-data control systems using classical and modern control theory, signal conversion and reconstruction, time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis

ECE 492 Power Systems Dynamics, Stability and Control

Detailed modeling of the synchronous machine and its controls, such as excitation system and turbine-governor dynamics; time-scales and reduced order models; non-linear and linear multi-machine models; stability analysis using energy functions; power system stabilizers.


ECE 492: Electrical Transients in Power Systems and Devices

Analysis and simulation of electromagnetic transients on electric power systems; switching transients; lightning transients; mitigation of transient overvoltages; surge protection; modeling power systems apparatus for transient studies.

ECE 592: Advanced Electric Machines and Drives 

Machine characterization. Development and application of transformation theory to synchronous and induction machines to predict machine performance under steady state and abnormal conditions. Modeling of permanent magnet and switched reluctance machines, as well as other advanced machine systems. Dynamic performance prediction of electric machines and associated power electronics using equivalent network models and computer simulations

ECE 599: Thesis

Graduate research on power systems, power electronics, automatic control, electrical machines and drives