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Writing a Paragraph
Topic Setences
Supporting Sentences
Concluding Sentences
Paragraph Editing
Paragraph Feedback
Paragraph Resources

What are Topic Sentences?

The topic sentence is the sentence in a paragraph the gives the reader insight into what the paragraph is about. It will give the main idea that the paragraph is going to focus on.

How Do You Write A Topic Sentence?

There are five different ways you can start a paragraph:

1. List Statements
A list statement tells the reader exactly what the paragraph will be about by listing the three main ideas.

Example: My favorite sports include soccer, football, and baseball.

2. Power Number Statements
Power number statements do not tell the reader all of the main ideas, but use number words (few, many, a number of, three) to present the general topic.

Example: There are several things you can do to become a better writer.

3. Two Nouns and Two Commas
This topic sentence starts with a noun (person, place, or thing), describes the noun, and then makes a statement about the noun.

Example: The St. Louis Cardinals, a major league baseball team, is the best team in the MLB.

4. Occassion Position
This topic sentence starts with an occassion and use words like whenever, when, although, or even though, and then end with the writers position on the topic.

Example: Even though writing an essay is a lot of work, you do learn a lot from the process.

5. Hook the Reader
This topic sentence grabs the readers attention by making a statement that is provoking, controversial, or interesting.

Example: Technology should be banned at school!