Four pictures of Thumpers at VMD@Mid-Ohio

My Bike Summer 98 right side
My Bike Summer 98 left side
My Bike Summer 98 right front
New Dashboard or Instrument Cluster on my SR

FSSNOC information and membership form

I just stumbled across this Translator, it translates from one language to another. One thing I have noticed already, it thinks "SR" in German translates to "rudder". It ain't perfect, but you can usually get the drift. It doesn't do Japanese.

SR IG-Cologne (Germany) and SR500 Mailing list (English, but International)
SR IG-Stuttgart (Germany)
SR IG-Hannover (Germany)
SR Club of Sweden
SR500 (Finland)
SR500 Photos (Finland)
SR500 FAQ (USA) from the Thumper page

Commerical Sites with Aftermarket Parts 

Ernie Cuff's Thumper Stuff (USA)    Now On-Line with complete catalog, Check it Out!
KEDO (Germany)
Smith/Kanrin (Japan)
Miles Motors (Germany)