Metro East Heating and Cooling

Duct Cleaning

Metor East Heating & Cooling is proud to announce that we now offer Duct Cleaning! We bought a top of the line negative air duct cleaning system. This system includes a 9 Horsepower air compressor, a variable speed 2 circuit vacuum, multiple air hoses with both forwards and backwards operation as well as brushes in different duct sizes. This system can fully clean even the largest house to the highest standards.

We also offer duct sanitizing at time of the cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. We have specials when you get duct cleaning/dryer vent cleaning done at the time of your annual maintenance too! Duct Cleaning gets almost all the contaminants out of your ductwork on both the return air side (before your filters) and on the supply side (after your filters). While having your ducts cleaned it may also be time to add UV Bulbs or a high performance pleated media filter.

For a quote on having the ducts in your house cleaned please call Metro East Heating & Cooling @ 618-910-9022 or e-mail us with the following information... Number of vents/openings - This includes all supply and return vents Where your furnace is located - Basement, Garage, Attic, Crawlspace or Closet Are any vents more than 10' off the ground? - We want to make sure we bring the proper ladders for the job Dryer Vents - will you have the dryer out of the way or would you like us to move it? We are not able to move all dryers as each situation is different we will discuss this with you when we schedule the appointment.

Is your current heating or air conditioner system to loud? Then the Mr. Slim ductless mini split is for you! Conventional systems air conditioners or heat pumps run anywhere from 68 to 82 decibels while Mr. Slim systems run as little as 46 decibels!