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My Blog Read my daily happenings.
My Calendar Visit Yahoo! Calendar and see when I am busy or free.
My Photos Visit Yahoo! Photos and see some of my family and other photos.
My Resume My resume listing my work experience and capabilities.
My Works
F. Paul Wilson Homepage This page is dedicated to my favorite fiction author. Check it out! I maintain these pages.
My Senior Project Visit this site to find info on my group and our senior project we worked on for my graduation requirement.
Listen To SIUE WebRadio! Listen to my project that is streaming SIUE's student run WebRadio station via RealAudio LIVE.
Flash Test My first experiment using Macromedia's Flash Software.
My Interests
Apple Computer Inc. One of the greatest computer companies ever! Visit to see what they are up to Now.
SIUE Home Page This is SIUE's Home page. Click here to learn more about the place I work. Join the fight. Join the GRID.
FIFA World Cup 2010 Offical website of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
Html Documentation
NCSA's Beginner's guide to HTML Follow this link to get an awesome document on how to make your own Home page.
HTML Homepage A good list of a lot of different Hypertext manuals and pages on the W3C pages.
Netscape Backgrounds This page will show you how to put a background on your homepage.
Local Weather.

MailBox Mail me at: if you find any links that don't work or to contact me. Thanks for visiting my home page.

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