Our lab is currently made up of sophmores, juniors, seniors, and graduate master students. The lab is a diverse mix of folks with different interests and goals. The current members of the lab are as follows:

Adam Hudder

I am bad at writing my online profile :(.

Erica Periandri

I am a master’s student interested in the relationship between alcohol consumption and the neuroimmune response. To investigate this, I am studying an important intracellular transcription factor and its role in the Drosophila innate immune response upon different alcohol exposure paradigms. My favorite things to do include learning, eating ice cream, listening to podcasts, going to concerts, and reflecting upon my poor online profile writing skills.

Emily Petruccelli

(Principal Investigator) I am interested in understanding the nature of alcohol response in the nervous system. I enjoy teaching and discovering fascinating new ways that experiments go awry. I am fond of reading, running, eating candy and watching movies.

Mackenzie Sievers

I am an undergraduate student with a biology major and minors in chemistry and Spanish. I am interested in the immunohistochemistry involved with Dr. Petruccelli’s research. I also enjoy drawing, playing dodgeball, and watching Star Wars.

Ashleigh Stults

I am an undergraduate biology student interested in the relationship of alcohol consumption and gene expression. I will be using molecular techniques of RT-PCR and qRT-PCR to investigate this. My favorite things to do include painting, seeing my niece and nephews, hanging out with my friends, and spontaneous outings.

Alexandria Wilson

I am a master’s student interested in neurogenetics and how alcohol elicits different responses in the nervous system. I will be investigating these topics by observing the interactions between a particular transcription factor and glial cells. In my free time I like to watch New Girl, take naps, and eat dark chocolate.

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We are always looking for new volunteers that are willing to work hard and share in our scientific curiousity!.


2018: Curtis Ballard

2019: Zebediah Campbell, Olivia Clarice, Katherine Lahue, Morgan Reaka, Dusty Staake, Jana Wollesen

2020: Emily Dockter (Masters), Jacob Lesinski

2021: Tessa Woulfe, Sarah Beth Wiegman, Kahlan Merriman