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Policy Governing Advertising on Campus Properties - 6A6

  1. Purpose
    This Policy sets forth the provisions under which campus organizations may contract with non-SIUE entities to advertise on campus in academic and administrative buildings. This policy shall in no way affect the full exercise of constitutional rights of free speech, assembly, or religion, nor is it intended to restrict the right to engage in any activity covered by the SIUE Policy on Expressive Activity, the Solicitation Policy, or the SIUE Naming Policy.
  2. Applicability
    This Policy applies to all campus units and all employees and students involved in the preparation of new agreements that include language related to advertising or sponsorship that takes place in academic and administrative buildings.
  3. General Provisions
    1. Advertising includes any printed, digital, visual, or audible communications that are intended to promote or market any trade or business, goods or services, including, but not limited to:
      1. An endorsement;
      2. An inducement to buy a product or service;
      3. Qualitative or comparative language;
      4. Price information;
      5. Other indications of savings or value associated with a product or service; or
      6. A Call to action for a product or service.
    2. Intercollegiate Athletics may enter into advertising agreements that include advertising, provided that the advertising is contained within the athletic performance venue.
    3. The Morris University Center (MUC), Student Fitness Center and Recreation Complex, and University Housing may enter into agreements that include advertising, if the advertising is contained within their respective buildings and facilities.
    4. Satellite food and beverage areas (e.g. SkyWalk Café, coffee shops, concession stands) and vending machine areas may include advertising if the advertising is contained within the footprint of their respective area.
    5. In no case should advertising be placed in a position that is generally visible from a common or academic area except as allowed in the designated exterior posting kiosks or campus bulletin boards, as approved by the Kimmel Student Involvement Center.
    6. The Alestle is allowed to place newspaper racks with advertising on them in building vending machine areas upon approval of the location by the Vice Chancellor for Administration.
    7. The six Alestle exterior "red boxes" with advertising are grandfathered and therefore exempt from this policy as long as the boxes remain at their existing location, kept in good repair, and used for the purpose of distributing the Alestle newspaper.
    8. The University reserves the right to specify additional terms and provisions concerning the use of campus facilities and properties.
    9. All agreements for advertising are to be reviewed by SIUE Office of General Counsel prior to signing.
    10. Exemptions may be allowed for temporary advertising for single special events.
    11. Agreements may not be made with vendors that relate to the promotion or consumption of alcoholic beverages or tobacco, or products or services that are contrary to the policies or mission of the University.
  4. Contact
    Questions regarding the implementation or enforcement of this Policy should be referred to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration, Rendleman Hall 2228, (618) 650-2536.

Approved by Chancellor effective 5/1/19

This policy was issued on May 3, 2019.
Document Reference: 6A6
Origin: OC 5/1/19

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