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Policy Governing Lease of University Space or Real Property - 6A3


Space: Interior space within a permanent or mobile structure.

Real Property: Land or any permanent fixture thereon.

  1. Purpose

    This policy sets forth the provisions under which the University may lease real property and/or make space available for lease to non-University entities, and specifies the terms and provisions applicable to such arrangements. 

  2. Applicability

    This policy applies to the lease of real property and/or space in any facility owned or operated by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to any non-University entity for a duration of one month or longer. The University will lease space only on a space available basis and only for purposes that the University accepts as related to and supportive of the University's goals and objectives. The University is not bound or obligated to lease real property and/or space to any entity regardless of the availability of space or land, the proposed purpose of the lease, or the goals or functions of the entity desiring to lease from the University. 

  3. General Provisions
    1. All considerations, arrangements, and approval for the lease of University space and/or real property will be negotiated by the Vice Chancellor for Administration, in cooperation with the affected unit. This function includes identification of space or land that may be made available for lease purposes. In line with this charge, the Vice Chancellor for Administration may designate a "Lease Manager" to represent him/her, and whose responsibility will be to handle certain administrative functions on behalf of the University, the university unit involved with the lease, and the lessee.  

    2. Rates, costs, and services

      1. Charges for leased space will be based according to Rate Pricing Guidelines formulated by the Vice Chancellor for Administration. Lease payments will be payable in advance. The Chancellor may approve exceptions to these conditions.
      2. An entity that leases University space will be required to use those University services, equipment, and facilities (furnishings, telephone services, utilities, access control devices, and so forth) that are applicable to the entity's operation unless other arrangements are negotiated as part of the lease. Charges for such services, equipment, and facilities will be based on the University's charge schedules.
      3. Access to other University facilities and services not directly applicable to the entity's operation ( for example, copy and printing services, Morris University Center facilities and services, health and recreation facilities, housing facilities, and so forth) and the charges or rates for such access and use may be negotiated as part of the lease agreement.
      4. Remodeling and/or renovation of space leased to an entity will require the prior approval of the University. If leased space is renovated or remodeled at the request of the leasing entity, the University requires at the end of the lease agreement, that the leasing entity return the space/land to a state the University accepts as usable for its purposes.

  4. The University reserves the right to specify additional terms or provisions concerning the lease of University space or real property.

  5. Initiation, Review and Approval of Leased Agreements

    Lease documents will be drafted by the Vice Chancellor for Administration (and/or the designated Lease Manager), with review and approval by University Legal Counsel, as necessary.

  6. Leases on Externally-Sponsored Projects

    Externally-sponsored projects that use leases must follow this policy with the exception that a representative of the Office of Research and Projects must review and approve the costs that will be paid from the sponsored project prior to execution of the lease agreement.

Approved by Chancellor effective 9/26/16
This policy was issued on November 10, 2016, replacing the November 14, 2002 version.
Document Reference: 6A3
Origin: OP 3/12/84; VPA 6/11/86; OP 11/5/90; OC 4/21/00; GR 15/16-12

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