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Guidelines for Distribution of Student Lists to Public Officials - 3G1

These guidelines set forth the conditions under which Southern Illinois University sources may distribute to public officials lists of the names and addresses of students. For the purposes of these guidelines, "public officials" are defined as any elected or appointed official of government residing in Illinois or any publicly announced and properly qualified candidate for election to such office.

  1. Each public official as defined above shall be entitled to receive from the University a list of the names and addresses of enrolled students who reside in that public official's legislative district or jurisdictional area, provided that the University shall exclude from said list the name and address of every student who has complied with procedures for notifying the institution that such information is not to be designed as "Directory Information" with respect to that student pursuant to the Federal Regulations implementing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

  2. Universities of the SIU System may provide to a public official a list of the names and addresses of students only if:

    1. the public official submits to the University a written request for such information, by zip codes in numerical order, and

    2. the public official pays the University a reasonable fee to set against the costs incurred in providing such information.

Approved by President effective 8/12/82
This policy was issued on February 1, 1996, replacing the April 30, 1984 version.
Document Reference: 3G1
Origin: OC 8/12/82

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