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Intercollegiate Athletics

Principles Governing Intercollegiate Athletics - 3F2

The intercollegiate athletic program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has been developed in the belief that properly administered intercollegiate sports, subscribing to the principles of good sportsmanship, rules compliance and amateurism, are beneficial activities which contribute to the entire University community. Intercollegiate athletics should complement the instructional research and service programs of the University and, therefore, must function within the framework of the University's overall goals.

In harmony with the stated mission of the University, the goals of intercollegiate athletics are to provide for the intellectual, physical, and social welfare of our student-athletes, as well as to provide spectator benefits for the University community and the community at large. The recognition that the goals of the athletic program are subservient to the goals of the general academic program, should guide the activities of those responsible for the conduct of intercollegiate athletics. Athletic programs must support, not detract from, the University's educational programs.

Intercollegiate athletics is intended to provide students with equitable opportunities to enhance their education, to represent their University, and to participate in athletics while developing skill and understanding. Participation in the program, however, is secondary to the academic obligation of students. To this end, it is the responsibility of those administering the program to schedule the length of playing seasons, the frequency of practice sessions, and the number of contests so that they shall not unreasonably conflict with student obligations to attend class regularly, to study, to develop their intellectual, moral, and social faculties, and to graduate from the University as educated men and women.

Approved by Chancellor effective 3/29/09
This policy was issued on May 13, 2009, replacing the September 22, 1998 version.
Document Reference: 3F2
Origin: OP 4/9/84; OC 12/1/97 ; OC 3/29/09

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