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SIUE Student Housing Residence Requirement - 3B2


National studies conclude that on-campus residency has positive effects on student retention, involvement in government and social organizations, and personal development. Of all the positive factors associated with on-campus residency, two areas deserve special attention:

  • Academic Persistence

    On-campus residence students are more likely than off-campus students to maintain excellent academic performance and earn bachelor's degrees. A recent review indicates that this is also true on the SIUE campus. The average GPA of University Housing students is higher than the average for students living off campus.

  • Satisfaction with Faculty

    On-campus residence students tend to have more contact with faculty and are more satisfied with their interaction with faculty than off-campus students. University Housing's structured programs for residents and faculty to connect include the Faculty Fellows program, House calls program, and classes tied to residence hall communities.


First and second year students attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville are required to live in University Housing. This requirement applies to all new and transferring students in their first two years following graduation from high school. These regulations are applicable to all students only insofar as space is available in University Housing. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs shall determine and declare no later than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the start of a semester that space is available and that this policy shall be enforced.

Exceptions to this two-year residency policy may be granted only under certain limited conditions, including the following:

  1. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs determines the policy shall be suspended and not enforced for that particular semester due to lack of space availability;
  2. Students residing at a parent's or legal guardian's permanent address, which must be located within 60 miles of campus as measured by ("Legal Guardian" means a person appointed guardian by a court of competent jurisdiction to act on behalf of the student in place of parents. Legal documentation may be requested for verification.);
  3. Part-time students taking fewer than twelve hours during either Fall semester or Spring semester;
  4. Students over the age of 21 on or before August 15 prior to the first day of the Fall semester;
  5. Students residing with a spouse or qualifying domestic partner under University Housing policy;
  6. Students residing with their legal dependents;
  7. Students who are veterans of the U.S. military;
  8. Students having already completed 56 credit hours accepted by the University toward a degree at the University; or
  9. Students having lived in University Housing for four semesters.

Students wishing to be released from the residency requirement shall complete a waiver form provided by University Housing. If the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has not declared space availability, there is no need to complete a waiver form. To request an exception to the two-year residency requirement, the student must provide documented verification of any of the above criteria by June 1 preceding Fall enrollment and December 1 preceding Spring enrollment.

Note: Occasionally, financial need is cited as a reason for requiring a residency exemption. The SIUE university residence policy makes no provision for financial need as a valid reason for an exception to the two-year requirement. Thus, requests for exceptions on the basis of financial need shall not be approved.

Approved by President effective 5/11/10
This policy was issued on August 2, 2011
Document Reference: 3B2
Origin: OC 5/11/10

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