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Employment Under Manpower Training Programs - 2C4

The guidelines which follow provide University administrative direction for Manpower Training Programs in which trainees are paid directly by the Agency.

  1. The Chancellor of the institution is the only individual authorized to contract for the University with respect to this matter. All proposals requesting trainees to work at the University (even though funds will not be awarded to the University) require review and approval by the appropriate University officials and the signature of the Chancellor or his or her designee. This type of application must follow current University guidelines for externally financed projects.

  2. All jobs shall be clearly defined as to civil service classification and position description, number of hours to be worked, rate of pay, work skills to be acquired, and direct supervision of the position(s).

  3. If an award notice is subsequently received, it must be reviewed by the appropriate personnel and signed by the Chancellor before the trainee may commence his assignment. Time cards of the trainees and other paperwork shall be submitted by the supervisor to the Office of Human Resources for transmittal to the prime sponsor as part of an appropriate monitoring function. The Office of Human Resources shall report once a month to the appropriate functional area head and to the Chancellor the number of trainees, their location within the University, and any problems which may be occurring in the program.

  4. Trainees shall not receive any benefits available to regular University employees such as insurance, vacation, sick leave, etc. They may apply for (and should be encouraged to do so) and be given the careful consideration as any other applicant for a regular University position.

  5. It is the responsibility of the project director to abide by both the regulations outlined by the agency in the award notice and the appropriate University policies and procedures.

Approved by Chancellor effective 8/3/77
This policy was issued on February 8, 2000, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 2C4
Origin: OP 8/3/77

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