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Non-credit Continuing Education - 1O3

The University offers a number of non-credit continuing education courses and programs. If students are to be charged a fee to attend these activities, approval for the fee must be obtained from the Office of Educational Outreach (OEO). When requesting approval, a budget must be prepared to justify the fee. Charges will be structured so as not to exceed the anticipated costs of planning, administering, and offering the activities. If residuals are accrued, this money should be used to further the educational outreach programs of the department or the school or college.

If a certificate is to be awarded upon successful completion of a course or program, the following procedures apply:

  1. A brief description of the activity will be forwarded to the OEO prior to the institution of the activity. The description should include the sponsoring department or school or college, name and date(s) of the course or program, location (to include building and room number), number of sessions, number of contact hours, name of instructor(s), and date certificate will be awarded.

  2. Request certificates. A standard certificate is available from the OEO; however, certificates may be individualized following review by the OCE. All certificates will provide a space for the sponsor's signature and the Executive Director of Educational Outreach or his/her delegate.

To provide a centralized calendar of non-credit events, the particulars of each course or program should be forwarded to the OEO as soon as they are finalized and prior to the beginning of the course activity.

Approved by Chancellor effective 8/2/95
This policy was issued on August 28, 2008, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1O3
Origin: AAT 90; OP 8/2/95; OC 8/22/08

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