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Overload Compensation - 1M1

For employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement that explicitly addresses overload compensation, the terms of the agreement supersede this policy.

An individual receiving full-time compensation (12 months) shall not receive overload payment equal to more than two months' salary in a single fiscal year.

In order to extend more effectively the mission of the University, the following policy regarding additional compensation for extra service is established.

  1. Any activity for extra compensation or overload shall be entered into by mutual agreement between the persons eligible and the appropriate administrators of the academic units involved.

  2. An overload for faculty and administrators exclusive of the Dean within a school or college will be defined by the Dean of the respective school or college. Overload for Deans and Directors reporting directly to the Provost will be defined by the Provost. Overload for staff not reporting to an academic unit will be defined by the chief administrator of the unit in consultation with the Office of the Provost and the Office of Human Resources, as appropriate. Any definition of overload must be consistent with the policy statement herein described.

    1. In cases of faculty members, the appropriate administrator shall be the department chair or the program director. In cases of department chairs or program directors, the appropriate administrator shall be the Dean of the School or College. In cases of deans, the appropriate administrator shall be the Provost. In cases of staff not reporting to an academic unit, the appropriate administrator is the chief administrator of the unit.

    2. The appropriate administrator shall distribute equitably and whenever possible on a rotating basis the responsibilities of activities for overload among eligible qualified persons available.

    3. Approvals for extra compensation for extra services will follow organizational channels with final approval resting with the functional area chief administrator or with the Chancellor for units not organizationally under any of the chief administrators. Approval must be obtained in advance of the service.

  3. Extra compensation can be gained for additional services performed over and above services covered in the recipient's current full-time assignment and when such additional services will not in any manner compromise or adversely affect the performance of services covered by the recipient's current full-time assignment.

  4. Compensation for instruction shall be based upon contact hours for non-credit courses and credit hours for credit courses. Non-credit hour courses have a resemblance to credit hour courses in structure, program and time sequence and usually incorporate techniques for evaluating student progress and may include the giving of a certificate of accomplishment on completion. A guideline to be used is that 15 contact hours are equivalent to 1 credit hour.

  5. No person eligible shall be assigned more than two overload credit courses, totaling six semester hours or the equivalent number of contact hours, in any fiscal year.

  6. Conferences, occasional presentations, and University services to outside agencies are usually of short concentrated duration and usually are for purposes of informing, advising, or sharing of information rather than instructing. For professional services at conferences, occasional presentations, or University services to outside agencies, payment shall be negotiated between the person(s) eligible and the appropriate University administrator mentioned in Section 2a.

  7. For work on externally sponsored projects, payment shall be negotiated between the person(s) eligible, the appropriate University administrator mentioned in Section 2a, and the sponsor in consultation with the Office of Research and Projects.

  8. Persons holding faculty or administrative staff appointments during the period of time covered by the extra service for extra compensation are eligible for overload compensation.

  9. All extra compensation payments, for whatever purposes, will be paid as salary additions and will require prior approval by the submission of a Change of Assignment form with the pertinent information and the following certification. "This extra service is over and above services required by the current budgeted contract. It will not affect performance under such contract."

  10. Payment for extra services in any one fiscal year from the University shall not exceed more than two months' salary. The two-month salary limitation includes the total compensation received for credit courses, non-credit courses, conference appearances, occasional presentations, University services to outside agencies during a calendar year, and externally sponsored projects.

    1. Extra compensation for teaching credit courses will be based upon a maximum rate of pay of 1/3 month's salary per credit hour.

    2. Extra compensation for teaching a non-credit course will have a maximum rate of pay corresponding to an equivalent credit course.

    3. Extra compensation as part of externally sponsored projects will be based on the effort to complete the project and relevant sponsor guidance regarding compensation.

Approved by Chancellor effective 1/12/2020
This policy was issued on January 15, 2020, replacing the May 21, 2014 version.
Document Reference: 1M1
Origin: WC 4-75/76; OP 11/5/90; WC 3-90/91; OC 9/7/95; GR 2/6/13; GR 19/20-08

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