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Graduate Student Forgiveness Policy - 1L18


To provide graduate students with the opportunity to overcome previous poor performance in a graduate program in order to earn a graduate degree in a new program, this policy allows the cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) to be computed without specific previously earned graduate-level grades. Grades that have been assigned as a result of academic discipline and grades that were assigned prior to previously earned degree or certificate programs may not be excluded from GPA calculation.

This policy does not apply to professional programs (e.g., DMD, DNP, and PharmD), including joint degrees with professional programs. It can be applied to post-baccalaureate certificates.

Academic forgiveness may only be applied to a student's graduate record once and is not reversible once applied. Each course that is approved to be removed from the GPA will remain on the transcript with the earned grade visible. The assigned grade will be noted to signify removal from GPA calculation and credit hour accumulation as of the term of the approval. No other changes will be made on the student's transcript. Once forgiven, courses may not be acknowledged to satisfy degree or certificate requirements.

All other policies will remain in effect, including all provisions of Policy 1F1.

To take advantage of this policy, the new graduate program will have a student submit a request upon admission or following completion of up to 9 credit hours in the new program. The graduate program, Graduate School, and Provost's Office must approve the request.

If at a later date a student chooses to repeat a course for which a grade was forgiven, all forgiven grades for that course will be counted as previous attempts.

Approved by Chancellor effective 7/23/21
This policy was issued on July 26, 2021.
Document Reference: 1L18
Origin: GR 20/21-19

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