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Policies and Guidelines for Off campus Graduate Degree Programs - 1L10

These policies apply only to already approved on campus programs that are to be offered off campus (including residence centers).

Offering degree programs off campus requires approval of the Illinois Board of Higher Education unless they are offered out of state on a cost recovery basis. For the latter, approval is required by the University only. In all cases, the Request for New Program form and Form 92 approval sheet should be used.

All proposals for off campus offerings of existing on campus graduate programs shall be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, who in consultation with appropriate committees of the Graduate Council shall review and make recommendations to the Provost. Each extension to a new off campus site will require a separate proposal.

Curriculum and Credit. The content of off campus graduate offerings shall be appropriate for advanced undergraduate or graduate level students. Only approved courses numbered 400 or above are acceptable for inclusion in a graduate degree program.

Students. Students shall meet Graduate School and academic unit admissions criteria that are identical or equivalent to on campus criteria. Students seeking admission to the Graduate Studies and Research for enrollment in an off campus graduate program must have a baccalaureate degree, or present credentials that are equivalent. An ad hoc committee established by the Graduate Council, which includes appropriate personnel from Graduate Admissions, shall have the responsibility for evaluating credentials/portfolios of students who do not hold baccalaureate degrees. Upon favorable recommendation by the ad hoc committee, applications for admission to a program will be submitted to the academic unit for review. Admission to a program becomes effective only after approval by the appropriate program faculty and Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.

Instruction and Advisement. Instructors who teach in off campus graduate programs shall have academic qualifications equivalent to faculty who teach in on campus graduate programs, i.e., graduate faculty status at SIUE or temporary approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. For program continuity, at least 75 percent of the faculty should be regular graduate faculty of SIUE.

Students in off campus graduate programs must be assigned to an adviser at the time of admission and must be provided with regular opportunities to meet with their advisers.

IBHE Approval. The University, through appropriate channels, will notify the Board of Higher Education of its intention to offer a degree program at a new site should 50 percent or more of the minimum number of credit hours that must be taken through formal course offerings be planned for that site. The letter of intent, which may be accompanied by an off campus request form, will contain a brief description of the degree program, identification of the new degree program site, and notification of a place and a time, within the following two months, at which the proposing institution will host a meeting for other institutions which may be interested in or concerned with the proposing institution's intent.

The formal application to the IBHE will contain evidence that good-faith effort was made to cooperate with institutions that expressed interest in serving that site. When the formal application is filed, the University will notify those institutions and will provide requesting institutions with a copy of a formal application. All other pertinent provisions of the IBHE policy will be addressed. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research will work with the Office of the Provost to expedite external consideration of the proposal.

Proposal Guidelines for Off campus Programs

Submit your request for off campus program approval on the Request for New Program form, with signature Form 92 attached. The following information should be included:

  1. the purpose that the program intends to serve and the goals that it seeks to achieve, including the length of time that the academic unit expects to offer the program at the site.

  2. evidence of the existing need and demand for the program and description of student clientele to be served.

  3. the possible impact of the proposed offerings on on campus graduate and undergraduate programs (a) at SIUE and (b) at other universities already serving the proposed area.

  4. any deviation from existing on campus program requirements.

  5. evidence of the availability of adequate resources to support the program.

    1. Fiscal support

    2. Staff

    3. Library resources, facilities, and personnel

    4. Laboratory facilities

    5. Classroom and/or seminar space

    6. Curriculum offerings

Approved by Chancellor effective 2/15/83
This policy was issued on April 3, 2000, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1L10
Origin: Graduate Council; OP 11/5/90

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