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Grading and Evaluating

Incomplete Grades - 1J5

Unless the instructor has specified a shorter period of time, an incomplete grade which is not completed within one year will automatically be changed to an "E" ["F" EFFECTIVE FALL 2001] (graduation notwithstanding). If an instructor specifies a shorter period of time, he/she must communicate this stipulation in writing--with copies to the Registrar's Office and the instructor's unit head--to the student at the time the incomplete is granted. Any student who feels that mitigating circumstances should allow an extension of time limit beyond one year for completion of an incomplete grade may petition the faculty member who granted the grade. If the faculty member agrees to grant the extension, he/she shall inform the student and also the faculty member's unit head and shall then notify the Registrar. Students and their advisors will be notified of outstanding incompletes and of the due dates on which the incompletes would revert to an "E" ["F" EFFECTIVE FALL 2001].

Approved by Chancellor effective 3/23/81
This policy was issued on February 9, 2000, replacing the February 1, 1996 version.
Document Reference: 1J5
Origin: CC 14-78/79

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